Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the recommended pairs?

The EA works well with all low spread pairs. Normally I recommend to start with the relatively stable pairs like EURCHF and EURGBP

2. What is the minimum account balance needed?

Some Brokers like IBFX allow Nano accounts (0.001 lots). You can start with $500. For a micro account (0.01 lots), you would need about $2000.

You can start with one pair and as your capital grows, you can expand it to other pairs.

3. What is your refund policy? How can I get my money back? Do you want me to show you the results from a real account?

Clickbank offers 60 days full money back guarantee. If you send me the forward testing results (from a demo account), for 3 to 4 weeks, I will not ask any questions.

But NO backtesting results please.

4. My broker is having 5 digits. Will the EA work with them?
My broker has a different currency name like EURUSDgfx or EURUSDm. Will the EA work with them?
My broker has a different timezone. Will the EA work with them?

Yes. The EA works with any currency name, any number of digits, and any timezone.

5. Is it a Martingale EA?

No. The EA uses a lot of methods to time the market, identify the trend, convert losses to profits, avoid the dangerous loss making situations, protect account from blowouts etc. A martingale EA will blowout your account if there is a 200 pip swing or gap opening. This EA manages the situation and restricts the unwanted increase in lotsize and also time the entries such that the gaps or sudden market movements are avoided. The maximum loss is limited, and cannot blow out your account. There is no 'unlimited loss' possibility

6. Why is that there is no stop loss for every trade?

Stoploss is hidden and is managed by the EA. You can configure it at a currency level. When this stoploss is hit, all the open orders are closed. This avoids the brokers from manipulating the price.

7. What timeframes should I use?

M30 is the best for all currencies.

8. Should I close all the open orders on Friday?

The EA has an option to help you close all the open trades. You just have to set the time to let the EA close all open trades. If you do not want to close, then you can turn the feature off. But I recommend closing all open orders on Fridays.

9. Why does the test results show less % of profits?

It is because all baskets are closed only in profits. The trades are accumulated in terms of the basket (per currency, per trading direction), and not the individual trades. No basket is closed in loss. It means that, one trade in a basket will be in profit and the other will be in loss. But the overall basket will be in profit, before all open trades in that basket are closed. This ensure that your equity constantly keeps growing, irrespective of the percentage of loss

10. I did a backtesting and the EA is losing money. Why is that?

Yes. The EA will not perform well in backtesting. If you analyze your results to check when the EA had started losing, you will find a few hundred pips and a few hours gap. This will never happen in real time.

11. Should I run this EA 24 hrs a day?

Yes. Traditionally Mondays mornings and Fridays are more volatile. So running the EA for 24 hours between Monday evening and Friday morning is better. If you want to turnoff your computer, please close all the open trades and then close it. This will avoid any sudden swings when you start it again.

12. My broker does not allow hedging. Will the EA work with them?

The EA has an option, using which you can turn on / off the hedging mode.

13. Is the EA compatible with the latest FIFO rule?

Yes. When you turn off hedging in the EA, it is compatible with the new First In First Out rule.

14. Should I pay for any upgrades?

All future upgrades are FREE

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